8’x20′ Heated Workshop with Tool Crib

20′ Beach Can with Remote Controlled 12′ Garage Door





40′ Climate Controlled File Storage with dehumidifier and A/C

20′ Concession Stand with Flip Door



10′ Shipping Container for Construction Sites


Alder Construction 8’x10′ unit with swing door                J-Mar Construction 8’x10′ with man door and security bar


8’x10′ unit with Roll Door installed


8’x10′ unit with swing doors

8’x10′ unit for Homeworks Framing with keypad man door

20′ Used Containers Fitted for Roll Off Trucks




20′ Vending Machine Container



20′ Container made into a “Toy Shed”

20′ Painted Container for Pool House


16′  Used Custom Container with Man Door




20′ Custom Painted Workshop with 6′ Roll Door and 2 Windows


20′ New Container Bunkie



20′ Office Containers

40′ High Cube Shipping Container Office with Storage Room–Roll Door for easy access

4 Office Containers stacked to provide the most office space in a limited area on a construction site

Matte Black Office with Surface Mounted Wiring



40′ Container modified for sales center (customer finished)

20′ office shell (customer finished)


20′ office shell (customer finished)

20′ finished office for construction company



20′ scale house for gravel pit



20′ scale house for recycling center

20′ Security Office Container with Storage


20′ Painted & Refurbished Containers



40′ Office Container for Grandview Homes


40′ Office Container with Kitchenette & Washroom


20′ Welding Shop



Roll Doors

10’x7′ Roll Door in the side of a 8’x20′ Refurbished Used Container

40′ High Cube container with (3) 6’x6’8″ roll doors                                                                          20′ Standard container with (1) 6’x6’8″ roll door

40′ H/C with 8’x6’8″ and 12’x6’8″ roll doors              40′ H/C with (2) 8’x6’8″roll doors                40′ H/C with (3) 10’x6’8″ roll doors


                                                              20′ Standard container with (1) 6’x6’8″ roll door


    20 Standard container with (1) 12’x6’8″ roll door


40′ High Cube with (2) 6′ roll doors


                                                                                                                                                            20′ painted container with 6′ roll door


40′ painted container wit (2) 6′ roll doors                                                                                                20′ painted container with 6′ roll door in end




40′ High Cube with Curtain Side